Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Surprises

Boy, oh boy. The longer I don't blog, the harder it is to find the motivation to get on it! We've just been enjoying our summer break lately. Bro Valentin hung my hammock in the patio outside the school a few weeks back and I have spent a lotttt of time there with Mr. Kardon the bluetooth speaker, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Eric Metaxas, and various other podcast favorites. It is the most relaxing thing in the world - so enjoyable!
Been doing a lot of this....sigh :)
Austin has also spent a lot of time in it, however, him and his friends get to pushing each other so high....

...TWO TIMES now, Austin has popped the ropes that tie the ends of the hammock up. Two times, we have heard the dramatic sound of Austin's body crashing to the ground above our heads. (Don't be confused - the school is on the third story and our house on the floor below it.) Two times, I have given thanks that it was not me!!!!

I was messing around with Nicole and texted her on one of these particularly relaxing days in the sun...

Nicole replied with this:
(Anyone else out there respond in facial expressions??)
A couple minutes later, here Austin comes, bounding up the stairs. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "Helping put your shoe back on!" 

I have more occasion to look up into the sky as of late - look at this rainbow circling the sun.

We spent some days at the Grandma and the Grandpa's house...went out for our favorite summer (or anytime) treat - fruit drinks!

Chocolate Brujas - Witch's chocolate. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, rum flavoring, chocolate syrup... :)

Nicole had a special somebody come down and visit her a couple weeks ago......

We also had a spontaneous jam session after church one night and Abner was cajoled into singing. He's only ever sang in my church, so he blew his own brethren out of the water.
Never again will he be able to escape leading songs. His pastor was pretty impressed.

We had our lovely grandparents over for dinner the other night. We've been on a pork chop kick lately so that is what I fixed. Grampa was a happy camper...the rest of us were pretty satisfied as well :)
Got a chance to pull out the ole selfie stick :-/ 
Clean up time

Juuuuuuuuuust kidding....did you guys think I was going to end this post without an actual picture of Nicole's visitor? Haha :)

Wooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrship the Lord!
 We had a funnnnnn time singing and playing!

About to ride the Ferris wheel.... :) They look pretty excited!
And I shall close with the most important news of this post....Puebla has officially moved up another notch - we got a Dairy Queen!!!!!!! The Wakefield family is EXCITED about that!
Summer just got a little sweeter!



Anonymous said...

Is that an earring in that first picture? I thought you didn't believe in that!

tinzy love said...

Glad to see you enjoying your summer. BTW what kind of " agua de frutas " is the green one?

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Anon - OMW🙄 That would be correcto! I think it's my hair clip.....

Tiny love - I think it is cucumber lime!


Jacob Avendano said...

This post made me laugh :) Keep up spreading the joy :))

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

I meant Tinzy love! Not tiny 😜 Just saw my typo!!!

Jacob - thaaaaank you!


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