Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Working in the Shop

Twice a week we have "shop day" where different kids will come and work in the wood shop making pens. Bro. Valentin or Pastor teach these classes. They've been verrrry busy lately!

When a kid comes and makes his very first pen, he gets to keep it for himself.

After that, their creations are added to the stockpile to be sold.

There have been some really fantastic ones made lately!!

These boys have recently started coming to church with their parents. They love working in the shop!

One of the boys in the above picture made this pen his first time - I thought it was pretty fabulous!

The girls started getting a little jealous of the boys making all these cool pens so they requested being added to the shop schedule. So far, they have made some really nice pens. In fact, I heard someone say that the girls have steadier hands and a special eye for detail and their pens may be superior to the boys'....

Get a little competition going!! :)



The Cardenas Tribe said...

How do we order these or do you guys just bring them to conferences to sell

Roberta Loa said...

Bethany, where do you sell those pens? Do you have an Etsy shop, by any chance? They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany!

Any chance we could purchase some of these? They are indeed beautiful! Great job to the kiddos! :)

Sis Stephanie K.
Burbank, CA

Amy Bailes said...


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

They are for sale! We do not have an Etsy shop :( Usually my dad just sells them when he is in the US at conferences, etc but if anyone is interested in a buying one, we will be going to the states in a couple of weeks and will be able to mail some pens out.
They range in price from $40 - $100+

If there are any you are interested in, feel free to email thewakefieldsinmexico@gmail.com for specific prices or more pictures!


LaLa said...

Very nice!

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