Monday, March 7, 2016

La Feria (FOODIE!)

Here in Mexico, we celebrate Dia de los Reyes (Day of the Kings). It is basically a Mexican Christmas. There is a neighborhood here in town that is named after one of the supposed "kings" (wise men). Each year, this neighborhood puts on a big fair to celebrate the holiday. Abner's taco place happened to be in this neighborhood so he invited Nicole over to sell with him since these days of celebration were to bring in lots of DINERO! 
Abner had his table set up on one side and on the other was Nicole's cupcake table.

Abner was making tacos of all kinds including...
Eyeball tacos
Cow tongue tacos.
Monse came to help Nicole sell - she is a hard worker and did a great job!

Nicole's little customers
El Jefe

There were a bunch of rides set up that I reeeally wanted to ride, but had no one to ride them with!

This is the one I really wanted to go on. It looks so rickety and scary, the adrenaline rush would probably be better than falling off the Grand Canyon.
Swing downnn...
...then upppp and arounddddd!

A rickety little ferris wheel
Abner and his pile of customers
Nicole and I went walking around at one point to find some goodies. We found this lady selling shrimps on a shish kabob. YUM!

Flan, fried bananas, strawberries and creme...
Traditional Mexican bread
I found myself some delicious apple salad...

Nicole with her shwimps and chicharin
We also bought a flan, but it was so good, it was devoured in a split second and there is no picture to tell of its glory.
These are chalupas. I highly do not recommend them to visitors. These are the most unhealthy things to exist on the face of this planet, and can also do a number on your digestive system. They are also fried in lard. Sounds disgusting, but...this was actually our second order. HEH HEH. Chalupas are delicious!!!

Making of the chalupas
I'm not a coffee girl, but it was freezing outside and there were no other options.
(Side note: these foods were eaten over the course of two days. We're not complete pigs.)

And...last but not least...COTTON CANDY. I'm actually not too crazy about cotton candy, but they were so big and pretty and poofy!


tinzy love said...

Those cupcakes look delicious. The tacos too but i would not do the eye ones.

Amy Bailes said...

Don't ever make the mistake of riding a Ferris wheel during the daytime. You can see all the rust spots and missing screws!!!!! 0_0

Mary Frances said...

Those chalupas look a lot different than taco bell's!!!! LOL Buuuuuuuuut YUMMMMM!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Tinzy Love - the cupcakes are delicious. My favorite is the red velvet. Mmm! And yes, eyeball taco doesn't even pique my curiosity LOL!

Amy - OMW LOL! Hey, all the more for the adrenaline rush!! :D

Mary - Ummm...I can imagine haha! I didn't even know Taco Bell MADE chalupas... That is funny :D


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