Friday, March 25, 2016

Idaho - Apostolic Advance 2016

This past week we went to Idaho for Pastor Collin's meeting, Apostolic Advance. We left on Monday and were there for a week. We had a very nice time!

At the bus station about to leave for the Mexico City airport

The controller dude taking a rest on his sticks - LOL! (Click to zoom!!)
We had a layover in Salt Lake City - look at the beautiful snowy mountains in the background! Mmmm...I love America!
Walking through customs on the US side
Reenacting Nicole's picture - haha!
We took this picture for our people - we can get a liter of fresh squeezed orange juice on almost any corner for about $.70. SEVENTY CENTS USD! And at Jamba juice, it is over FIVE - LOL!
While at the Salt Lake airport, we came across something that provided us MUCH excitement and entertainment for our 2-hour layover. We found my dad's twin! It was so crazy. Nicole and I were flipping out. We sat that watching him for a long time, then took out our phones and started taking pictures and videos of him. He was my dad, even down to his mannerisms. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

This picture is called "Hello, Twin" LOL. When the guy stood up, however and we got a full view of his face, we could see the obvious differences. For one, this guy was a whole head taller :D
We felt like we were in Puebla, walking out on the tarmac to get on the little plane.
The basket waiting in our hotel room - YUM.
We went out for lunch with ever'body - fun times!
The first three services were all about the past 90 years of Bethel Temple Church. The stories that were told and the pictures that were shown were so interesting! The church in Twin Falls has a beautiful Apostolic heritage.
The first night at Applebee's is what I like to call the "marriage retreat for sisters". Me and Nicole laughed and laughed and laughed...and I remembered why I like her so much HAHA! It was nice to forget about the school, Sunday school meetings, work, etc and just get woozie on laughter.
Snake River - where my Grampa Wakefield was baptized!

Nicole went in for a routine eye checkup while we were in Idaho and ended up going in the next day for laser surgery. Very unexpected! She ended up spending a third of her time in the US with her eyes dilated - something that caused us endless amusement. These sunglasses made multiple appearances, and at the most inopportune moments.
Elder Picklesimer

Elder Hyler preaching on Calvary

The sunglasses making their appearance in service...

Youth activity at Culver's

Sis. Erin and Bro. Mitch (as in Robert Mitchell:)

Pastor Ham teaching the Friday morning youth service - the first old fashioned Bible study I've heard in English in a veryyyy long was awesome!!!

Lunch at McAllister's - Erin, me, Nicole
One of the days Nicole and I decided to "discover Twin Falls" on foot. LOL. It was very cold and windy, but we had a good ole time. We went to all the stores in the area - haha! American shopping - something we very much look forward to!
Nicole was all over the baking section...

...and I was excited for TARGET!
We also visited our beloved Chick-Fil-A....YES LORD.
While we were shopping, Johnny took Austin shooting...he had a blast!
Pastor Collins
Elder Tommy Johnson playing his guitar!
After every service the church put on beautiful dinners for the ministers and their families. This was the dessert table on the last night....Oh my worddd.... *hearts in my eyes*
The colorful fleet of Sunday school buses!
Dad and Elder Picklesimer
 The Saturday after the conference ended, the Collins took us up to Sun Valley to see snow! We also stopped at the very unique and beautiful Starbucks up there.

We were asked to sing on Sunday so Saturday on the drive up to Sun Valley Nicole and I were racking our brains for an English song we could sing. We then pseudo-practiced it :)

Sis. Johnson, Sis. Collins, Mom, me and Nicole
Johnny and Austin entertained us with a snowball fight while we sat inside sipping on our hot Starbucks drinks.
Sun Valley Lodge

The ice skating rink behind the lodge...what a view!

A flock of I mean...ELK!
A very tall man in the airport...WOW!
What a wonderful time we had in Idaho. It was relaxing, our souls were fed, and we came back feeling energized and inspired. As Pastor Collins said - I think everyone that was there got blessed in some way or another. Yee-haw! :)

I realize this was suuuuch an extreeemely long post, but today is Friday and the next two weeks are spring break and our annual conference in Mexico City. I will not be posting! I am taking a break. My mom also gave me her old iPad so I downloaded OnSong and am completely buried in and consumed by it. I am literally obsessed by this project. I'm loving it. I feel like it is my baby and once I get all my music transferred over and perfectly organized, we will have a dedication service for it. ONSONG TOUCHES MY VERY SOUL. You may not hear from me for a very long time.... (Nicole says she may post, but.....ok, guys. We know how that goes - HEH HEH.)

Have a wonderful spring break, everyone! Keep us in your prayers - we are SO excited for this conference and are believing that God is going to do GREAT things!



tinzy love said...

So happy you all got to relax. Me and my daughter enjoy reading your blog a lot. Looking forward your return. God bless you and all Apostolics missionaries in Mexico .
Praying for all of you.

LaLa said...

Is there a good address that I could send some more things to the kids?

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Tinzy Love - ...Does that mean you were in Idaho :)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

LaLa - Ooooh! No way! :) You are awesome! The address I gave you last time will work, let me know if you need it again. Thank youuuuu!


LaLa said...

Alrighty, I found that address. Thanks! My family goes to Bro Phillips church in Vidor and said your dad was there Sunday! My brother is married to Bro. Phillips daughter. I miss my little neices soooo bad. We are about 9 hours away. Anyways, It will be so nice to meet yall some day! :-)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

LaLa - Yes ma'am, I thought of you when I heard they'd be preaching for Bro. Phillips! They had a really good time. We are keeping the church in our prayers - we had special prayer for Bro. Phillips last night in church.
Yes, I'm sure we will meet someday!


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