Thursday, February 4, 2016

What Is Up

Hi, guys! :)

It's me - Bethany! I did not plan on going on a month-long break from blogging, but that is what it has turned into. It is a mix between having too much fun, being busy, and feeling overwhelmed because so much has happened in the last month, I really don't know where to start. I told Nicole the other day that I just need someone to sit beside me and hold my hand while I get started on what feels like an insurmountable task of cranking out my first blog post of the year. We've had baptisms, Christmas, Sunday school, church, conference, visitors, parties. Even though I do most of the blogging on here, I've found that doing it truly alone is a difficult task. I cannot yell across the room to Nicole, "Hey what's ________ word I'm looking for?" Or, "What did so and so say?" and get my details straight.

I am hoping to receive a great dose of inspiration in the next few days as the thought of going another month without blogging seems irresponsible.Y'all pray for me. (If you don't hear from me again soon it is because someone isn't praying hard enough - LOL.)

Now that I've got my excuses out of the way - - -

I've had a (for the most part) grand ole time this past month! The prospect of being home alone for a long period of time sounded a little boring at first, but with each day that passes I'm realizing I've found my true calling. I figured out why my dad has insisted upon me living at home until the day I got married. He knew I'd get such a kick out being independent that I'd never get married and give him grand children. Ha!

Until next time,

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