Monday, February 22, 2016

End of the Year Party 2015

In December we had a get-together for the church. The instructions for this party were "bring enough food for your family and a few others!"

Vero and Estefania
 We found out that the best tamales in Puebla are made by one of our very own! A lady in my church, Rocio, made the best tamales I have ever tasted - and I have had quite a few in my lifetime.

Dad's Bible study family - 

Our little Sunday school girl, Ailyn, and her family


After eating, we had games. For this game, there is a mountain of flour on a plate. You put a gumball or marble or whatever on the top of the mountain and each player has to cut away a "slice" of the flour. This game was GREAT! 

The player who knocked the gumball of the top of the flour had to dig the gumball out with their face - no hands! Ailyn was the first to experience flour up the nose :)

The guys played a round - they really showed everyone how to do it! 

The screaming, shouting, hollering and cheering coming from our church was unbelievable! I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what in the world was going on.

We had to play the Oreo game, of course! 

 We also continued the tradition of a gingerbread house competion. Three families were chosen to build and decorate a house.

The teams were given about 15 minutes to decorate their house as best as they could. When they finished, everyone in the church was given a slip of paper to write down the number of house they thought was the best. At the end, we tallied the votes....

And the winners!!! With their prize :) 

The last game we played was "for married couples only, please!" 
Each couple had to grab a ball from the bin and, like in a relay, balance the ball between their mouths without using their hands, and drop it in a bowl at the other end of the church. This game was a riot!

This game also elicited much cheering from the crowd :) 

Everyone left this party completely wore out, I am sure. We had a great time! 



Amy Bailes said...

I'm laughing just looking at the pictures! Looks like such a wonderful time!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Amy - If noise level was any indication of the fun being had, this was the best party yet!


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