Tuesday, October 15, 2013

September Special Services

 Hey ya'll! It's me, Beth, remember me? I used to blog on here all the time! I feel like talking in "Ermahgerd" because that's what I do when I know I'm totally guilty!!!! I do have a good excuse...which is...I've been busy with other things! As guilty as I do feel....this is my blog and I'll not blog if I want too haha!!

I would like to warn you guys though. Things are not about to get better. We are leaving for the U.S. in the morning and we all know how that goes...

Anyways, on to brighter things!
We had a conference about a month ago! It was great, if I remember correctly. I'm thinking that three people got the Holy Ghost! 
Bro. Voan and his wife and church came down from Uriangato. He preached a couple of the services. He's originally from Georgia and it was so fascinating to hear him speak Spanish with a southern accent--lol! We love the Voans!

 This man came down from Florida and preached the first night. His last name is pronounced "Full" but is spelled something like "Pfol".
We love having Americans down for our special services, but we especially love it when they speak Spanish and are able to communicate with the people! And that's how things this year ended up.

Got to see this little princess! 

We had Sunday school in the street Sunday morning. A tonnnn of kids showed up and it was just SO FUN! Singing, games, and then the Bible lesson by Marvin. Even the adults loved it.

  After Sunday school we all came into the church. It was raining and too cold to stay outside much longer. We all came in and got to singing and warmed the place up with some Holy Ghost singing and shouting!

 Fabz seeking the Holy Ghost

OOoooOh! Bro. Voan brought his trumpet and accompanied us in the worship service. It.was.awesome!!! I absolutely loved the sound of the sax and trumpet...they made me feel almost like a pro--ha! 

Thank you to the men that came to preach for us and also to our churches in Mexico that made the sacrifice to come to Puebla.


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