Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sunday Services

This past Sunday Nicole and I went to the Apostolicos de Puebla for their morning service. Here are a few pictures! 

The tiny kid's Sunday school class

Elder Wakefield preaching

Sis. Wakefield serving nachos! 

Every Sunday a different family is in charge of making food to sell after church. The money is going towards the school we are starting this coming school year. 

Sis. Elvira and Cheyenne eating

Abner and I  

La Princesa Cheyenne

Walking home

After the morning service, we took a taxi over to the other church for the night service...
 Bro Isai witnessed to the chauffeur on the drive over

Abner, Nicole, and myself crammed into the back of the taxi


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Kendra Thaler said...

I love you and Nicole's glasses!! Super cute!!! :)

Love seeing pics and getting updates about whats happening in Mexico!



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