Monday, May 28, 2012

Six Flags and Baby Bumps

This past Saturday a group of us went to Six Flags! We had a BLAST, of course and came back burnt to a crisp! Our day started out before the sun was even out...usually an awful way to start a day, but worth the sacrifice for today.

We arrived in time to grab some hot drinks then arrived at our bus terminal...

Nicole and I

Our bus driver driving through Mexico city

We saw a funny sign on the way:
Dr. Rafael--he works with general medicine, is a dentist, does clinical analysis, is a psychologist, is a masseuse, is a baby-birthing doctor (how to say that in English?) does caesarians and other surgeries, is a foot doctor, a gynecologist, an orthopedic doc, urologist, neurologist, gastrointestinal doc, "and more". 
An impressive jack-of-all-trades! Who would like to get in line first? :))

Squirrel-y lines (but at least there are some, right?)

Javier and Alejandra

Arriving at Six Flags Mexico!

We unanimously decided we'd ride the Superman ride first. So in we went, as giddy as could be, when the ride employee told us we couldn't ride with our purses. WHAT?!?! Well what were we supposed to do with them then? 
Where there is a will, there is a way, my dear people! 
So Nicole and I went to the restrooms and came out with pooches!
Except for the guilty look, Nicole did a pretty good job of hiding hers. :P

For every ride we had to hide our purses under our jackets...can you tell?

Can you spot us?

I have the same conversation with myself before every roller coaster ride:
1. ...Ooooh...that looks scary...
2. I have to ride it to prove I'm not scared. 
3. (As the coaster is climbing)--"You stupid, stupid girl, what were thinking getting on this ride?!"
4. (When I get off)--"Aww you guys, that was nothin'! (Insides quaking, but feeling totally accomplished). 

The dolphin show

Eating lunch

Finally going to the Superman ride!

Well hidden? Heh, heh.

Fawning over my "bump"...

The line

Don't know what Javier was smuggling...

Eeeeeeek! This is the most awful ride in the universe!

Da Big Splaaaash

The guys tried to tell us we woul'dn't be able to ride the Batman coaster b/c of our skirts. 
Ha! I'll show youuuuuu!" 
(Notice the guy on the left carrying our purses. He was too scared to ride any of the roller coasters...aaaagh). He said he had vertigo. Nicole asked him what he thought that was and he replied, "Fear of heights."

The teacups...*sigh* favorite! ;D

My other favorite ride:

It spins super fast and slams you into the person next to you...It's great!!

Going crazy!

After a full day of fun and sunburn, we got back on the bus and headed home!
Javier embarrassed me so bad, he sat down IN the drivers seat (while everyone was boarding) and refused to move until I took his picture. I was thinking, "I'm pretty sure this is illegal in the U.S...?"



Kathy McElhaney said...

Oh dear, will you girls be able to make it to PCC in your "condition"??

Jennifer Connell said...

Oh my, I love the purse bumps! lol You two are hilarious. ;)

Dallas and Dakota's Mom said...

Looks like fun fun!!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Haha!! I think we'll be able to make it! :)

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