Monday, August 15, 2011

Arkansas Campmeeting 2011

Guess where we went last week?!
Nope, I couldn't blog about it beforehand because I wanted to surprise Cassia Wilson. (Because SHE surprised ME a couple months ago, here)!
We went to the Arkansas camp meeting at Bro. Holmes' church in North Little Rock!!

Michael, Angelo, Kenneth, Denae, Meee, Nicole, El Pastor...
At Pei Wei!

Missionary Tim Joiner (Belize and Honduras)


Bro. Rodney Betts

Missionary Matthew Tuttle (The Netherlands) 

Nicole and Sela

Pastor Joel Holmes

Missionary Tommy Bracken (Taiwan and China)

Bro. Jonathan Shoemake

IHOP at midnight :D

Michael and Nicole's apostolic skydiving outfit design

The mob

Look at all the people!!!! Isn't the church gorgeous??!

Minister's dinner...faaancy!

Haha! I loved this! :)

We were only in the States for four days, but we were busy every second of the day and had so much fun!
I love conferences. Haha!


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Marvin C. C. said...

Awesome You Finally Poster About The Camp Meeting! Wish I Was There! I Love How I Knew The Surprise Cassia Had For You Ahead Of Time And I Also Knew Yours Ahead Of Time Lol. Well Look Like you Had A Great Time. I sure Did Miss It! Next Year For Sure We Will be Going. God Bless!

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