Thursday, January 12, 2017

Idaho Christmas

 For Christmas the whole entire Wakefield family went up to Idaho for Christmas! We had a crazy flight schedule and had to leave around midnight to fly out from Mexico City. Nicole and I sat around the living room chatting and packing last-minute items while trying not to go to sleep. My house has white tile which means you never stop sweeping. It hides nothing. So I was messing around with my broom and accidentally found out it stands up by itself. Magical! There's been a recent string of break-ins in the neighborhood and I was pretty worried about leaving my house alone for a whole week. I figured this broom trick was pretty much heaven-sent so I carefully stood it up just inside the doorway so I'd know if anyone had entered my house. 

This was Nicole's official moving day. She packed up all of her belongings in 5 large suitcases and a couple carry-ons. All of us had her stuff poked throughout our luggage!

We arrived in Boise to a freezing 11 degree icy, biting cold! 

Snow, snow, snow, how Alex loves snowwwwwww!

Grampa loves snow too!
The ground was positively icy and slippery so everywhere we walked, we were hanging on to each other.

We headed out in the morning to take FAMILY PICTURES! In the pouring snow! It was absolutely magical! I will definitely be posting to show you guys the pictures. They turned out amazing.

After taking several pictures outside in the snow, we all ran inside the warm hotel next door to sit next to the fire...

Me and Grampa were all about the snuggle while in Idaho. Grampa insisted on always sitting in the back seat, in the middle between Gramma and I. He said it was the warmest seat in the car - ha!

After family pictures, we went for our very first American meal at one of our very favorite places...

Of course we are all going "Take my picture in the snow!!!!" LOL. It was beautiful!!!

 While in Idaho, we stayed at Nicole and John's new house. 

I found some guy's huge shoes in the guest room closet. Wonder whose they were!
 Austin and I had a lot of fun with the snow...We went outside one day and tried to make a snowman. It didn't work out too well because the snow wasn't sticky enough, but we also made snow angels and threw some snowballs. I found out that if you wear the right clothes, you really can't feel the cold. The only thing that suffers is your nose...which goes numb after a while.

One morning I woke up so cold, I was mad. LOL. I grabbed a blanket and pillow and made myself a pallet about 3 inches from the fireplace. Now that was the warmest seat in the house! 

 Austin and Johnny went duck-hunting one of the mornings.

John's dog, Maggie, watching over her loot.
 The Collins took us all up to Sun Valley one day. It was an absolutely beautiful drive! the middle seat...

A real Christmas tree!

Sun Valley Lodge

My funny little grandparents! :D

The two love-birds
 They had these incredible ice sculptures throughout the whole lodge...



Ho, ho, ho!

 We all enjoyed our time with sweet little Bella Joy....

 Sis. Collins made a wonderful dinner on Christmas day - which I have no pictures of, unfortunately! Afterwards, Bro. Collins declared to the men that it was time to "meditate". So off the men went to take care of that serious job!

After dinner, Grampa got his hair did.
 Church on Christmas morning ended up being canceled because of all the snow. We were able to go to service on Tuesday, however. It was nice to go to English church!
Right before service was to start, Grampa got up on the risers to take a picture of the congregation...with his gigantic iPad.... He is just TOO MUCH.
I'd been worrying about my house off and on while on vacation. When I got home, I was relieved to find my broom still standing perfectly as I had left it. Home sweet home! :D

We had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time in Idaho. I am glad my sister is marrying into such a sweet, Godly family. It is also nice that she will be living in a place that gets snow! (Nice for ME, at least:) Spend a little time with her...and when my feet freeze and I've had enough, I can just come back home. We are in the dead of winter right now. I just let the kids out of school and it is a sunny 70 degrees outside. Heaven!



Mary Frances said...

Does that say Hallalugha (However you spell it! LOL) at the front of their church?! That is SUPER COOL if it does!!! And I really like your broom!!!! I didn't know they had CUTE BROOMS!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Yes it does, and THANKS! haha!


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