Monday, October 31, 2016

Engaging News! ;)

Well, folks! The long awaited post has finally arrived! There are big changes coming just around the corner for the Wakefield family. A few weeks ago, on September 27th, Johnny and Andrew came down to Puebla! One reason that I've taken forever to get this post written, besides the fact that I have been SO BUSY, is that there's quite a few pictures to wade through!! The guys stayed for a week and with everyone taking pictures, by the end of the trip we had way more than we ever could have wanted!!

There's nothing like watching your loved one come through airport security!
This is the look of pure joy haha. 

We got the guys settled in for the night, and so the week began!

So like I said, the guys came and stayed for a week. We had really been looking forward to their visit... Me, for obvious reasons haha, and also because these two put together provide the most hilarious entertainment! We spent the week wandering around downtown, going to different church services, going to Africam, and just having a good ol' time! Here's a few random pictures...


Xalapa, Veracruz

Andrew preached at Elder Wakefield's in the morning and at our church in the evening!

We had a little celebration for Beth's birthday

Getting ready to fly back home!

 I have to say though that the best part of the trip was on the last day... Yes, the last day of a trip is usually not the favorite for long distance couples, but on the last night of Johnny's time down here, we went to the Estrella de Puebla, the large enclosed ferris wheel here in town. We laughed and talked and admired the view as we went up and around. But then, when we got right to the top of the wheel, code words were spoken, a hidden bouquet of roses was whipped out of a bag, and Johnny got down on one knee!!

Needless to say, I was SURPRISED!!!

Now, what was my response?--  "Really?? Are you serious??"

LOL. See, this is not the first time in our relationship that this guy has gotten down on one knee!

"Tying his shoes" hahaha

Such a tease ;P

After what seemed like forever (in reality only a couple seconds haha!) for a very nervous Johnny,
I said YES!

Thanks to these two, all of Johnny's plans were pulled off seamlessly!!
Ya done good, guys!
And the second part of this special surprise was that all of my family was waiting at the bottom of the ferris wheel ready to meet up with us afterwards! Much hugging and crying ensued. Haha!

This girl right here... We are going to be lost without each other, that's for sure!!

I have been quite busy these past few weeks! I wanted to get this post up ASAP, but it just did not happen that way! And now we are in the thick of wedding planning and so very busy. We are currently sending out the save the dates! To our faithful readers, who we appreciate and love, if any of you would like to receive a save the date and invite, please leave your name and address in the comment section!! If your comment contains an address, we will not publish your comment! We'll be getting married on February 17, 2017 in Twin Falls, Idaho. And because many of my loved ones here will not be able to participate in my American wedding, we'll be celebrating with a second wedding on the 8th of April here in Puebla! You all are very welcome to come to either or both haha! ;P For more details, you can visit our website:

-Nicole Wakefield, soon to be Collins ;)


Mary Frances said...

Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! Congradulations Nicole and Johnny!!!! I'm soooo happy for you guys!!! Your gonna be such a beautiful bride Nicole!!! I can't wait to see the wedding pics!!! Weeeeellll I definitely won't be able to make it to the wedding so I won't bother requesting a save-the-date or wedding invite, don't want you guys to waste on postage...just helping you save a few stamps...that's like, MY WEDDING GIFT!!!! ;))) AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Curtis Wakefield said...

����'Oh happy day...'��
Congrats to you & Johnny. I we couldn't be happier!
Love you much, Mom
PS You know my address...

Amy Bailes said...

Congratulations! How very exciting. I will be praying for you (& him). May y'all be blessed.

Kathy McElhaney said...

There needs to be another word for congratulations, it doesn't seem to have enough punch to say how happy I am for you both!

If by any chance you honeymoon in Hawaii let us know and we'll treat you to dinner in Waikiki!

Peter Connell said...

Congratulations! I got teary-eyed when I got to the part about your folks waiting at the bottom of the Ferris wheel. Happy for you all!

Denae Joy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you both! ❤️

I would love to receive a save-the-date/invitation. Not sure if we'd be able to come, but would still enjoy receiving it.

Anali Velez said...

OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW I WANT TO CRY!! Congrats Nicole!!!! God is soooooo good and SO SO faithful!!!!!

I want to go to both!!! BUT I can't I'll be 9 months pregnant by your wedding date! Oh yeah, I'm pregnant guys! I still want a save the date though!

I'm so very happy for you two!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you & johnny!!!! :) I'm SO very happy for you guys! I would love to be able to come to your wedding! My husband and I are actually living in Oregon now, so I'm gonna do my best to come! I'm so happy for you guys! Just remember to NOT STRESS! lol i know that can be hard not to but honestly I kept telling myself that and I can honestly say I didn't until setting up for the wedding :)
I'll give you my dads PO Box just in case you don't have it cuz i REALLY want to try and come!

Congrats again and marriage is AWESOME!!! but i'm one that will sympathy with you that leaving your family is hard!;) but it's worth it when you find the man you love

Love you!
Brittany Kerns-Hearn

Nicole Wakefield said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet words!! Thank you Mary for your gift ;P, Sis. McElhaney for the dinner invitation, and Anali that is too bad that you won't be able to make it!! But SO exciting about your little baby! Thanks Brittany for the advice LOL. I'm trying really hard to not stress....but I think that just comes with the territory haha! :D

Thanks again everyone!! :)


Andrea Martinez said...

Congratulations Nicole!! I'm so happy and excited for you! My family sends there blessings!! We would love a save the date! Congrats you you and Jonny! God bless!

Jennifer Connell said...

Congrats to you both!! Love your post!!♥

Marissa Wilson said...

I've been blog-stalking for years but don't usually comment but I wanted to say congratulations! Married life is wonderful (and lots of work 😉)!

Nicole Wakefield said...

Thank you Jen and Marissa! 😁

Cyndi Kaye said...

I'm so very happy for you Nicole. I love your "Save the Date" picture. Can't wait to see posts on all the preparations for your special day. Love ya, Sis. Cynthia aka Rachel's mom LOL ; )

Jennifer in Glendale, AZ said...

Just wanted to leave a comment that we were so blessed to have Elder Wakefield preached for us here in Glendale, AZ last night and we got to hear his new song that he wrote for Johnny: You gotta know when to hold them...

It was most enjoyable! I think he's almost as excited about this wedding as you are :)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Sis Cynthia - thank you!

Jennifer - That is soooo funny! My grampa is just too much! That song cracks me up!


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