Friday, April 4, 2014

My Friends Came and Visited Me!

This past week was our spring break and it was quite special! Cherie and Stephanie came and visited us! Cherie had been wanting to visit for a loooong time! It was very easy to have these girls down - I did not have to plan anything because they already knew everything they wanted to do and the places they wanted to visit.
In Mexico City, picking them up at the airport and about to get on a bus headed back to Puebla.

Their first morning here, we went downtown.

We ate tacos :)

Their first day here was also a Saturday "Sunday school prep/decorating" day. The girls were a huge help!

Cherie and I making the backdrop for the platform.
After working on Sunday school stuff, we went back across town to stay at my grandparent's house. There were some things on that side of go to church! 
My Tio Mario and Tia Hayde were both sick with a cold so I was asked to take care of Elissa during church. I was sorry they were sick but oh so happy to get to love on my little princess!

The Garcia family, Cherie and Stephanie
A very special day!

After church on one side of town, we jumped in a taxi and headed over to my church for service that afternoon. It was a crazy, but wonderful day!
After church we decided we wanted to take the girls to our very favorite tacos de carne asada place. So we all crammed into the van and headed out.

After church and tacos we headed back to my grandparent's house. We woke up nice and rested the next morning and ready for a nice big breakfast of Swedish pancakes. Ohhhh yum!

Cherie and Stephanie on top the roof of Elder and Sis. Wakefield's house.

After breakfast, we hung out at the house until we regained a bit of an appetite. We then walked down to the market to show the girls our very delicious fruit drinks. They loved them!

Armed with our delicious, ice-cold drinks, we walked over to the lake for a perfect day in the sun.
We rented a couple paddle boats - so fun! Nicole and Stephanie apparently took on the responsibility of "entertainers" during the week. Here, they are paddling backwards, trying to tan the backs of their legs...haha!!!

They also were acting out different scenes from stories... This one is Anne of Green Gables, when Anne is drowning in the boat and Gilbert saves her. Nicole is paddling and Stephanie is laying down in the back of the boat, pretending to be Anne. 
Cherie and I were in our boat across the lake rolling with laughter!! 
Unfortunately there was no knight in shining armor to save Stephanie so she had to get up on her own :)

"Titanic" - Lol! These girls were being crazy!

On to the next day....we woke up not so bright and early and headed downtown for breakfast.
Nicole and Stephanie

Me and Cherie
After breakfast, we walked around downtown sight-seeing. Again, Nicole and Steph took on the roles of "entertainers". 
Cherie took on the role of "pro photographer". I was shocked at the places she would suddenly drop down on her stomach. Dirty...... but hey! She got some very cool pictures!

We sat in the cathedral talking and watching people for a while. It is always nice and cool in there and is the perfect place to come in from the sun and just relax.

Again... Haha!

For dinner we went to one of our best Italian restaurants - Italiani's.

I'm losing track of the days, but on ONE of them, we went out to Cholula.

We also took a trip to the market - what an experience!

Us and our raspados

We went to the mall here in Puebla...yes, we have Burberry...and a ton of other expensive American stores!

We wanted to ride La Estrella de Puebla, but when we got there, they were having a benefit dinner/play/fashion show. It was interesting, but we were disappointed to not get to ride the ferris wheel with the girls! Oh time!

Verrry early Friday morning (or should I say very late on Thursday? 2am!) We headed to the bus station take the girls back to Mexico City. What a sad thing, having to say goodbye!

We had such a wonderful time! Many dreams came true for all of us during this week and I am SO happy that my friends came and visited me!


Cyndi Kaye said...

Looks like lots of fun! Some of the places you visited brings back memories of my favorite missions trip. Miss and love y'all

AV said...

You gals are so cute!

I'm suddenly having flashbacks of my trip last summer.... mmmm swedish pancakes... tacos arabe.... nom nom nom nom..

I want some now. lol. ugh.

Cherie Marchbanks said...

I am so happy we came too! It sure was a dream come true. Can't wait to do it again.
We love and miss you guys a ton!!

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