Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday School Party - End of Quarter

This past Sunday was the end of our second Sunday school quarter. To celebrate this we had a party! 
Lots of games, candy, and fun.

Bean bag toss

This is Ailyn. She came the first time we started Sunday school and has not missed one Sunday since!
Laying tape down for the relay race

This little guy's name is Giovanny, he and his family having been coming for the past couple of months.

Eddy :)

Relay race of balancing the ball between backs. Funny!

The adults wanted a chance :)

We played a game where all the kids sat in a cirle, some got presents. Bro. Valentin read a story and every time he said the word "party" they had to pass their present to the right.

At the end, the kids that ended up with gifts got to open them.

I didn't catch his smile, but when Giovanny opened his gift bag and saw the cup of soup he was sooo happy and had the biggest smile on his face!

Play dough time!

Nicole's adorable monkey cupcakes

We had hot dogs, yogurt, and cupcakes for the kiddies

Last but not least...the candy rain!

Nicole and I were the candy throwers :)

This quarter we had a competition of who could invite the most visitors. Joni won FIRST place! He brought EIGHT visitors!

First place prize - a scooter!

I was elected to do the drum roll and apparently it was hilarious!

Sarai won 2nd place, she brought 7 and Fabian won 3rd, he brought four!

All the kids that came every Sunday got to pick a prize out of the treasure chest. Dog pile!!

With the new Sunday school program that we've been doing for the past 6 months, we have had a ton of visitors come. Remember to pray for the churches in Mexico! We want to win these kids and their families to God.


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