Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hanging Out in Los Angeles

Here are some more pictures of our trip to California. I'm telling you...we had such a gooood time. It felt so nice to hang out with friends, speak English and eat all kinds of wonderful food!
We ate at this place in Santa Clarita called Stonefire...I think that was my favorite! The food was SO delicious. Food may not seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but come live down here for a while and when you go back to the States, you feel the same appreciation for food as I do! 
As soon as we landed in the US Nicole and I went looking for a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for...what else?!?! My much-anticipated caramel apple, of course! The lady handed me that delectable apple and wooooo-weeee! I felt an adrenaline rush, but the kind that makes you feel like you're floating on clouds. Caramel apples=drugs. Apparently. 
Alright, so this post really wasn't supposed to be about food, but when I saw this pic of us girls standing in front of Chipotle's, I just couldn't help myself.
Me, Erika, Veronica, Rachel, and Nicole
This night was really HILARIOUS! I went feeling sleepy, but got my second wind about halfway thru dinner. Erika had come to visit Vern, and for some reason, everything was funny. No caramel apple drug involved this time around. I don't remember what we were talking about, but Erika probably left with a bruise on her shoulder from my head falling into her shoulder when I couldn't hold it up from laughing so hard.

Brookelle and I

One Sunday night after church a bunch of us went to Hollywood. There are a LOT of weirdos down there which I like because I like to feel scared.
See Marvin's shoulder on the left, me driving and in the middle Brittany, Meagan, Nicole and some Chicanos in the way back :))

Beloved, blessed, beautiful store from heaven!

At the Hollywood and Highland Center

This is the view from the top of the elevators.....I am really scared of heights and this made me want to sink down to my knees and crawl back down to safety.

How pretty!

Posing with Mr. Fat Guy

This pictures is cute :) Everyone just laughing!

Earlier in the night, a lady dressed up as Tinkerbell stopped us and asked us where we were coming from. I told her, "We just got out of church!" She said we looked like the Queen of England's nieces and nephews.
As we walked away Joe said under his breath, "And you look like you just got out of the gym..."
(She was in tights and bathing suit...she looked hilarious).
...I don't know why we are all slanted, but we sure do look like dorks...
Meg, Britt, Nic, Me, Marv, and Drew

Marvin is saying, "I'm going to punch you."
A big, scary building

Another not-so-creepy building

Walking with the stars...

A building with lights on it. (Thanks, Joe)

These guys got bored so they decided to race up the hill on the side of the White's house.

There they go....

Getting to the bottom of the hill..

And racing up!!!

Brittney and Max

Sheera helping carry Max's sippy cup

The view

At Panera Bread with Aunt Debbie

For our last night in the States we went to see Charles Manson's house where he killed 7 people.
It was CREEPY!!!!!


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Bethany, you two look absolutely gorgeous!! I was thinking of you today and google'd your blog. I miss you!! Come visit Colorado!

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